Patent Dominion (PD)

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The Inital Consultation With Patent Dominion

Whether the issue is i.) Protecting develoment (e.g. getting a patent); ii.) Deployment of the development; or iii.) both, there are many issues to be considered. Moreover, every situation is different and must be considered on a stand-alone basis.

Consequently, PD does not go forward with any client arrangement until it there has been an initial consultation with the prospective client. These typically run between one-to-two hours.

Consultations are held in confidence and PD will sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).

PD requires an upfront payment of $200.00 for the initial consultation.

If an arrangement is entered into, the client will receive a credit for the initial consultation fee.

To arrange for an initial consultation, please use the Contact Us tab to send an email or call at 972 788 1336.