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Protect refers to activities taken to preserve or establish the inventor’s, developer's or owner's rights in an invention, idea, technology, products, know-how, business plans and developments ("Developments"). It usually involves some form of intellectual property protection.

PD provides a full range of intellectual property protection services, including patent, trademarks, copyrights and trade secret. For patent protection, PD will prepare and file patent applications, prosecute the patent applications through the Patent Office examination process, and perform maintenance services. These are provided in the US. If non-US applications are required, PD will arrange for these to be filed and prosecuted.

PD will perform prior art searches for patent applications as the client wishes. Searching services are billed and paid for separately and will not be bundled with other services by PD. [Note: Searching is very time consuming and hence, very expensive. PD will work with its clients to enable them to do the searching and save money. Searching is not requiied by law before filing a patent application.]

Readers are referred to PD's Article "The Patent Process" for more information about patent protection.

Payment: PD offers all of the services (except as noted) at very competitive rates to its clients either a-la-carte or as a customized package and as determined with the client.


Deploy refers to any efforts to exploit or monetize the Development(s) and includes prototyping, manufacturing, sales, and/or marketing and/or assignment or licensing of the Intellectual Property rights..

PD provides a full range of deployment services to help its clients exploit their inventions, products and developments and related intellectual property). These include:

1.) Business start-up services: include formation of the business legal entity; business planning; investor proposals: help with obtaining financing; url (domian name) selection and procurement: website formation; and bar coding[Note: Although sales and marketing are an integral part of any business plan, PD does not do that. It does consult with its clients on these issues and will provide whatever assistance it can. Readers are referred to PD’s article “Commercializing Your Invention/Product.” The hardest, longest and most expensive part of any start-up is the sales and marketing.]

2.) Analysis: Analysis refers to two services that PD offers. The first is competitive analysis on competitive products, market sizing and demographics, etc. PD will assist its clients with competitive analysis as required.  The is infringement analysis which is analysis of products to determine if they infringe upon Intellectual Property (particularly, patents).

3.) Enforcement Services: Enforcement means efforts to enforce intellectual property rights against infringers. PD offers a full complement of enforcement services, except litigation, to its clients from its many years of experience. If the matter should ultimately lead to litigation, PD will assist the client with obtaining and managing suitable litigation counsel. PD has many years of experience in “managing” litigation counsel.

4.) Licensing /Assignment: PD is very experienced with licensing and/or assignment of inventions, intellectual property, technology, product(s) or the business to offer to its clients if these I are desired or required.