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Why Is Patent Dominion So Inexpensive

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Patent Dominion (PD) does not have established price schedules because each client and each matter are unique. However, when you talk with us, you will find that we are very inexpensive and affordable.

The principal reason for this is “no overhead”.  There are no fancy offices or furnishings; no staff; and no frills. We have a large network of qualified, independent contractors that we contract with as needed and only when needed. Almost everything is done electronically. The savings from all of this are passed along to our clients.

Moreover, we are very skilled at managing interactions with law firms, contractors, etc. from many years of experience. So, when the need arises to involve such resources, our clients get the right resource(s); focused on only the work required; with someone qualified to measure the quality of their of work and amount of their fees.

PD’s approach is akin to the “just-in-time” manufacturing approach made famous by the Japanese in the 1980’s. We don’t have inventory (of staff resources, overhead, etc.) and we don’t get that until we need it; limited to a particular job and only as long as needed.